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Going, going, GONE~!

By AutumnCandy · May 3, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Hello my lovely readers at Onsugar!

After spending a couple of days trying understand how to export my blog posts from here and importing then over to my domain hosted by blogger, twitching the labels and tags and also renaming some of the blog post titles for easier reference, I'm finally done! =)

Now my previous post over here are being imported over to my domain, so you can access all my posts there!
Please do support me over at my domain! =)


Bye Onsugar... Hi autumn-candy.com!

By AutumnCandy · December 24, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Hello my sweetie readers~!

I'm pretty sure if you're on my twitter or facebook you are already aware that my new domain is now up and running since the day the world is "supposed" to end! 
*throws confetti in the air*


I've decided to combine my fitness-related stuffs from xanga together with my beauty related stuffs here to this new domain. Well the thought came about when I wanted to do a review on a sports massage place that I went earlier this year but I don't know where to blog it at because it's stuck right in between!

With my new domain, hosted by blogger, I would not only combine both fitness and beauty, but I would be blogging more on wellness and overall well-being too! =)

See you at my new domain~! *waves*

Thanks for reading~!

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Please do support me at my new domain!


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